Talent Acquisition Conference 2024


What’s new in Sourcing, Recruiting & Employer Branding?

Small Budgets, Big Impact: The Wow Factor in Talent Acquisition for All Businesses

Sandra Feldmann, Author, Talent Sourcer & Campaign Manager, Keynote Speaker, Consultant Recruiting Strategy
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How to get people to read your job ads

Mitch Sullivan, Trainer/Coach, Copywriting for Recruiters
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Candidate Mystery Shopping – An Insider View of Your Recruitment Process

Balazs Paroczay, Founder & CEO, The Source CODΞ Agency
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Elevating Your Hiring Process: The Strategic Imperative of Candidate Experience

Gita Winter, ISM (Individual Staffing Master), Recruiter and Director, Performability Recruitment
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Sourcing with Head & Heart

Sophie Van Goethem, Sourcing brain & leader & speaker with a lot of heart, Talent Search, IQVIA
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